Race as far as possible before running out of fuel!  Collect rings to gain turbo, then turbo-tackle into other vehicles to gain fuel.

Originally created for Extra Credits Game Design Jam. Still a work-in-progress (WIP).


  • Left or right arrow keys to steer.
  • Down arrow to brake.
  • While in air, press up or down arrow keys to glide up or dive respectively.
  • While on ground, tap Z to bunny-hop.
  • Hold X to use the turbo (works both on-ground and in-air). Requires turbo.
  • Tap R to respawn at the middle of the track (early, if already off-track). This uses fuel.
  • While on ground, hold Z to bunny-hop, then hold left or right arrow key to initiate drifting.
    • One enters drift mode when white lines appear on the closest corner of the vehicle.  The trail particles on the ground will change as well.
    • Once in drift mode, so long as the Z-key is held, the arrow keys can be let go.  In fact, they can now be used to adjust the trajectory of the drift.

Change Logs:

  • v06 - New rival vehicles:
    • Adding rival vehicles that races on the track. They don't know how to steer yet.
    • Adding turbo tackle, where turboing into other vehicles makes them fly off.
    • Fixed the track material to properly show bumps.
  • v05 - Polish:
    • Adding oscillations to various different track algorithms.  Expect a few wave patterns.
    • Steering controls were loosened for slightly more granular control.
    • Added the option to adjust the steering controls sensitivity.
    • New track textures and vehicle particle effects.  The former now indicates which was is forward.
    • Changed how drift will be interrupted.  Instead of canceling immediately after hitting a wall or obstacle, it cancels when either:
      • One hits a wall or obstacle 3 or more times, or
      • Speed drops dramatically.
    • Updated HUD animations.
  • v04 - Massive update:
    • Adding pipes as part of track generation.
    • Columns now spawn; meant for dodging.
    • Ramps will spawn, so one can jump from them.
    • Bumps on track appear.  They don't do too much, really.
    • New track textures and vehicle particle effects.
    • Added bunny-hopping.
    • Timer added to indicate how long one has out of bounds before the game declares game over.
    • Drifting controls now reflect (modern) Mario Kart-like logic, i.e. binded to the bunny-hop button; brakes is now a separate button.
    • Updated turbo meter to fill during drifting or being in-air.
    • Added a separate button to execute turbo.
    • Updated HUD to move less important information to the corner of the screen.
  • v03 - Massive update: track is now generated in real-time, instead of using pre-made assets.
  • v02 - Massive update: vehicle can now travel upside-down, like F-Zero.
  • v00 - Initial Release.

Known Bugs:

  • Track can intersect itself, creating situations where it's impossible to progress.
  • Track suddenly "despawns" below you if it loops under where you're driving.
  • Bad camera.
  • Vehicle falls through the track and other geometry.
  • Sometimes, the vehicle will respawn for no reason.


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